The Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra is a giant, 10-vocalist rock band that performs thunderous,

fist-in-the-air renditions of classic 70’s Brit Rock.

As the works of Mozart and Beethoven live on in symphonies, the URO performs as a unique and unconventional kind of orchestra, bringing to vivid life the glorious music of Queen, David Bowie, The Beatles, The Who and Led Zeppelin.


Performing with power, nuance and feeling, the URO is honored to bring these iconic classic songs to today's audiences.


Expanding on their repertoire, the Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra also presents specialty concerts performing music outside of their original setlist. These include The Who’s ‘Quadrophenia,’ Rice and Webber’s ‘Jesus Christ Superstar,’ and an evening the group calls ‘Band In Boston,’ where they perform the songs of Aerosmith, The Cars and Boston.


How do you like your rock?


Well, for those who can’t get enough of The Who, David Bowie, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Queen, you can’t get closer to the anthemic rock experience than to buy a ticket to see the Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra.


For classic rock fans it’s almost a truism that there’s been nothing produced post 1979 that has truly made a significant contribution to the rock art form - one reason perhaps for the ongoing success of classic rock radio.  You’ll get no argument from the members, creators, and producers of the URO, a Boston based group committed to bringing the best of classic rock to life for those who’ve never had a chance to hear it LIVE in 3-D.


“I like to call it I-Max rock,” says co-creator, producer, and performer, Sal Clemente. “It's music that is incredibly tough to pull off live, unless you have a bunch of singers and an absolutely killer band, which we just happen to have.  God love ‘em, there’s no way the corner bar band can pull off Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen never even played the whole song live, they skipped the intro and played a tape during the ‘Galileo’ section.  With the URO you get the whole experience, with every note sung and played live.”


While the URO are in effect a giant ‘cover’ band, you’ll see no Freddie Mercury moustaches or Beatle bowl-cuts, these guys leave that to the tribute band wannabe’s.  For the URO – it’s all about the music and, of course, the rock 'n roll lighting and innards-shaking sound.  “We perform the crown-jewels of classic rock, and we play them the way these songs were meant to be played, with true rock’n’roll feeling, not like some Broadway-ized, wimpified version.”  

The URO's performances are indeed more homage than tribute, with some of the songs altered to take advantage of multiple lead singers.  Continues Clemente “We picked these songs because they’re huge in scope as well as production.  ‘Concept rock’ gets a bad rap but these songs and these bands have stood the test of time for a reason - because they’re amazing.”

“A man actually came up to me in tears, nearly speechless because as a teenager he’d bought Abbey Road and the Beatles broke up the next day,” said drummer, creator, producer Alan Ware, “He thought he’d never get to hear songs from that record performed live, it was actually a dream come true for him and that’s a great feeling, to know that you’ve really connected with the audience in that way.”


The Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra is an insanely versatile band, capable of bringing off even the most intricate rock pieces with effortless ease, lighthearted humor and an audacious display of vocal prowess. And the URO is perfect for families, with many bringing their kids to introduce them to the music they grew up on – the URO gives these parents instant “rock cred,” and the kids love them for it.


Spotlights include the aforementioned rarely performed crown jewels of classic rock: "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Who Are You?" "Under Pressure," “I Am The Walrus,” “Stairway To Heaven,” “Whole Lotta Love,” and many more.  With this kind of rock pedigree, diehard fans of the URO have had their minds blown and eagerly returned for more.