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"The URO performs with such explosive energy and fire and musical talent that every tune, no matter how many times you've heard it before, sounds fresh and alive." - Cape Cod Times - (read more)

"The URO is about as good as it gets." - Packet and Times, Ontario, Canada - (read more)

"A wall of sound that reverberated with life had me leaning so far forward in my seat in sheer captivation that I thought I was going to keel over." - Cape Cod Times - (read more)

"An audacious display of vocal prowess." - Boston Globe - (read more)

"URO is a classic-rock repertoire company - the only one with this scope and ambition, with these precise harmonies and orchestration... They will - they will - rock you." - Boston Herald - (read more)

"The level of talent on display is immense—the URO makes use of every musician and vocalist present to capture the most complex of these classic songs live." - The Noise - Boston - (read more)

"It gave me goose-bumps because these are songs you rarely get to experience live, let alone in such thrilling fashion." - Erie Times - (read more)

"They take the hardest songs of the era and sing/play them perfectly." - Start Finish Bike News- (read more)

"This production has the gloss and energy of a Las Vegas show; you could call it 'Rock and Roll: The Experience' and sell it as part of package vacations" - Edge Boston - (read more)

"Bombastic? You bet. Rock Opera is one genre where that's a compliment." - Boston Phoenix - (read more)

"Glam-bam-thank-you-ma'am rocktastic thunder." - Boston Metro - (read more)