Audience Feedback

"We were blown away!!! The band was so tight and the singers were amazing! The fact that you pulled off some classic Queen....well, needless to say we were cheering, screaming and giving a standing ovation !! Thank you so much for one hell of a show!!!! You made our "Fryeburg Fair day" a "Fryeburg Fantastic day" - Alyssa O'Leary


"You guy's rocked at the Fryburg Fair. You guys were the best concert i have ever been too" - KellieAnn R


"The only reason I went to the fair this year was to see this band. They did not disappoint! Despite the fact that I had never heard their music, or even heard of them before this week for that matter, I was blown away. Did not stop dancing or scream-cheering from start to finish. Great show!" - Arthur B


"Awesome show we were blown away with your cover of Bohemian Rhapsody WOW!" - Renee B


"These guys were tremendous at the Big E this weekend. They should be there for the whole Big E run next year." - Joe K


"Watched you for the first time at The Big E. AWESOME! My husband and I enjoyed your 3pm show so much we came back for the 8 pm show too! " - Laura C


"Just wanted to say saw you guys at The Big E yesterday and you guys are FABULOUS!! I think I enjoyed sitting watching you guys and singing and dancing more then any thing else at the fair!!" - Debbie D


"Awesome job tonight band, loved how you all are such a team. My little one was dancing (even between songs) and thought the applause was for her. Thanks for visiting and giving us some great music to get into!" - Rachel M


"Went to show last night. Awesome! Incredibly fun and entertaining! Hope its my first of more to come! My favorite singer was Maria! The guitars,the drums and even the sax totally awesome. And Sal, well lets just say he makes the show" - Lisa M


"You guys (and ladies) - ROCKED THE HOUSE - as usual 5 of us in the last row of balcony - 3 newbies - on our feet most of show (probably about the 12th or so time I've rocked with URO!) My favorite moment was towards the end of More Than a Feeling (and close runner up was Dream On) Christie/Alice - you were AWESOME (everyone was - thanks) See ya in June!" - Michael R


"It was another great show!! Getting to talk to the musicians and singers was a great treat!! Thanks for taking the CRAZINESS of life away for a couple of hours, and bringing us into the INSANE world of ROCK!!" - Bill I


"Awesome show last night at the Regent. Full tilt entertainment and talent to the max! Loved it! Can't wait to see another show." - Bill M


"Incredible concert! Thank you for all your hard work!" - Nancy F


"URO is definitely in my Top 5 list of Things I Miss About Boston. Reviews like this make me so happysad!" - Holly D


"Great performance of Quadrophenia. My first time seeing URO and it was very impressive. The sound mix was perfect (I was in center at back of floor). I could hear all the players and all the voices distinctly, no need for earplugs - just perfect a perfect job with the sound for Regent." - Larry M


"Absolutely amazing show last night. Perfect 10. Nailed it. I cannot think of anything you could have done to make it better. Better than seeing the Who do it at the Garden a year and a half ago. I will come see anything you choose to play with total confidence you will make it spectacular. Thanks!" - Jeff B


"Fantastic show tonight! You made the Maine group of ladies very happy!" - Rosemary M


"You guys were amazing tonight!!!! Please please please play Quadrophenia again! Absolutely transformative" - Susan P


"Awesome show!!!! Loved it!" - Miles B


"Mind blowing show. You all looked like you were having so much fun. It was a hell of a party. Thank you for your hard work." - Justin M


"You were all fantastic, so up tempo, had us dancing all night!!!" - Robert M


"First timers last night at your concert. Absolutely incredible! Brought me back to the 70s...singing into my hairbrush to my favorite songs in my bedroom! Thanks for a memorable evening...we'll definitely be back for more!" - Chris P


"Amazing show, as usual! You guys ROCK!" - Heather B


"Fantastic show. What a great way to ring in the new year!" - MaryEllen


"Absolutely smokin' show. You guys are the real deal keeping our classics alive the way a concert pianist keeps Beethoven alive. And thanks for whippin' out "It's a Long Way to the Top if You Want to Rock and Roll" to close the show. With bagpipes! Are you kidding me? Who does that? That was truly awesome! See you all in December." - Joe B


"Wanted to let you know that we have seen your show numerous times this past year and you all get better each time we see you. We have lots of fun when we go to your shows. Keep up the good work!!!" - Joanne F


"When your chest is thumping from some great bass lines. Your neck is in full non stop whiplash mode from head banging, the hair on the back of your neck is standing up and you get goosebumps on your arms because the guitars are playing a blistering set. You can't control yourself from trying to sing along with the people who not only emulate your heroes, but they also become your heroes for the magic they help create and that you share the common band for the sounds of pure bliss! When your feet are pounding the floor to keep in time with the drums... This is not a cover band people!!! This is a party in full swing... So U.R.O, keep on doing that VOODO that you do so well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Carl M


"I saw URO at the Norwood Theater on September 22. I really didn't know what to expect. But URO exceeded my expectations. The show was absolutely incredible. URO replicates the orginal artist but makes each song their own at the same time. Amazing!" - Maureen M


"Hey, you guys are worth it... 30 seconds into the opening show, I had closed my eyes, was singing along, and felt totally set free from everything else going on; the shows are like a 2-hour escape from reality and a transcendence into a pure rock fantasy world." - Jerry B


"I'm a first timer seeing your group at the Norwood Theatre.... it was an amazing performance! Your vocals and energy had the audience captivated! Myself and the rest of the people I was with totally loved you guys! I will spread the word! " - Debby H


"The show tonight was awesome! Best Stairway to Heaven Ive ever heard. Bohemian Rhapsody and The Chain made a fantastic encore! If you come back to Windsor again next year I will be there!" - Jeff K


"Loved your show at the Norwood Theater. The singalong to "Bohemian Rhapsody" was a mind-blowing experience!" - Brenda F


"You all were amazing! I'm in love ♥" - Danielle R


"URO has been such a smile-maker for so long now...this is just flawless pure fun." - Michelle D


"Great Show once again! Loved the Fleetwood Mac added to the encore. Thanks once again, YOU ROCK!" - Eileen Grant


"Great show last night in norwood please come back very soon you rocked the house " - Teresa G


"Had the best time last night. You are all incredibly talented!" - Pamela T


"Just got back home a little while ago from seeing your show in Windsor with my girlfriend, Just wanted to say PHENOMENAL performance!" - Ken C


"Y'all SMOKED it last night!! You're right- you are not a cover band, anymore than a Ferrari is a "car". More like a Rock and Roll Revival - stage show and musicianship in one package. Now, how do we get y'all down to Texas to MELT our Houston faces...? Awesome!!" - Charles G


"Saw you guys tonight in Windsor CT at Summer Wind, I just wanted to say you guys were awesome and blew my mind. Thank you for doing what you do." - Brooke H


"Wow! Great show at Summerwind tonight. I was impressed! Hope to see you guys again!" - Angela S


"Just got home, what a great night out! Thanks everyone for all you do!!!" - Rob M


"You guys NAILED Ziggy last night. So glad I was there to experience it!!!!!! LOVED the show- we were the ones who didn't stop dancing." - Heather B


"Wow a friend just turned me on to you guys ! Awesome !" - Anthony K


"Awesome, just awesome. Thank you guys for a great night!!!!" - Scott H


"We applaud you, and give you a standing ovation! Awesome night of rock!" - Jim



"Saw you guys last night at the Regent...AMAZING!! You are all incredibly talented!!

We had such a blast, thanks for a great night!! :)" - Shanon N


"This was our 5th - thanks for another great show. LOVED ACDC - love your surprises." - Becky K


"Great fun, and oh those voices!" - MaryAlice M


"It was one of the greatest concerts that I've gone to! I'm very glad i went! Rock on! :)" - Audrey S


"So I think my husband and I felt 20 again and are thinking of splitting Erie to follow this band!!!" - Kelly C


"Awesome show! Loved the energy. Everyone was great. Loooooved it!! Hope to see you again. You will be back right?" - Cheryl L


"Best concert in ages...thank you for an incredible evening that the kids could enjoy also:) It's not often a mom gets to rock out with her 12 year old son...priceless!" - Gretchen T


"Best concert I've been to in a long time! Didn't want it to end. Highly recommend!" - Karen M


"Absolutely freaking fantastic. Loved every minute of your show. Nice work. I hope to come back and bring friends. Way to end with one of my favorite songs ever. A Day in the Life. I mean, seriously, who can play that live? Fantastic." - Kelly R


"Great show tonight!! My kid was the "active one" down front. He didn't want to go when I bought the tickets......now he is begging to go back tomorrow! Thanks a lot!!" - Brad F


"You owe it to yourself to be a part of this rock celebration, for memory lane sake. You owe it to your kids, to introduce them to the everlasting classics!! talent galore!!! amazing voices !!! great energy!!! fun filled show and contagious enthusiasm !! and don"t forget to thank the 13 lucky stars!....(luck has nothing to do with it) for the dedication and the heart that they leave right up there on that stage!! Fantabulous !! ♥ LOVED IT!!" - Clarita S


"A million thanks for the brilliant show on Saturday night, I'll never forget it!" - Adrianna K


"Imagine for a moment that recorded music didn’t exist.  Imagine that the seminal work of such artists as the Beatles, Queen, The Who, and David Bowie could be reproduced only by live musicians in front of live audiences.  Then imagine that there was a troupe of incredibly skilled performers that could act as a kind of superhuman juke box, producing that music in all of its variety, range, depth and power.

Now go see the Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra.  What they do is extremely hard, but they make it look like fun.  In their opening night at Arlington’s Regent Theatre, they brought the audience to its feet before the first intermission by playing (in order) the entire B side of Abbey Road– and doing full justice to its beauty and complexity.

'Tribute bands' usually recreate the music of one band or artist.  URO pays tribute to an entire era of great rock’n’roll.  URO’s multi-talented vocalists and musicians (a stage-filling, eye-catching baker’s dozen) are neither imitators or reinterpreters: they simply perform the music the way it was meant to be performed, often reproducing – in thrilling fidelity – effects that the original artists could only achieve in the studio.  Their enthusiasm for their mission and the exuberant joy of their performance is something you should see for yourself." - Tom C


"I just wanted to say thank you for a great night of music. I’m 59 years old and this was my music. It brought back a lot of great and some not so great memories but a big part of my life. I have been going to concerts for a lot of years and have seen them all but can honestly say I never expected that. I was like a kid rocking out. My wife was sick and went by myself and it was like being back in the old Garden seeing the groups we loved. I want to thank you and the group again and look forward to seeing you next week, and the week after and the week after that." - Art


"Saw you last night at the Melody Tent with SIobhan... fantastic show. Can't wait to see you again." - CP


"You guys are Fantastic!!!! I'm Fifty-nine with a bad leg and last night I was 20 and dancing a jig, big-time. I have waited for ever to hear one group that brought back MY ROCK the way I want to hear it. Ultrasonic doesn't begin to describe how Fantastic your band is. So sorry I hadn't heard of you before. All the musicians were pitch perfect, the drummer was sensational (I'm an ex-drummer), the ladies all sang like rock byrds and were everyone of them beautiful. The energy filled the house the streets and the air with the electricity of positive Fire. And Doc, you're not just a great musician/singer but an awesome master-of-ceremonies. Come back to the Cape again please." - TC


"I saw the show last night at the Regent. I was given 3 tickets for an early birthday gift. It was the first time seeing the band perform and let me tell you I was not disappointed. I could not stop seat dancing all night long. I was blown away by the amount of talent, energy and crowd interaction I saw and heard. You all flow good together and I felt the level of commitment in your performance. Elektra was superb on the queen ballad - her voice was absolutely beautiful!!!!!! Well you have 2 more fans - my daughter in law and I cannot wait to see you all perform again. I have already posted to friends on Facebook, because if they love rock they do not know what they are missing and need to check out the show. Thank you for your high energy and awesome performance by all!!!!!" - Sherye O


"I had more fun tonight - thanks for a great, great show - absolutely solid performances from everyone, great vocals and dynamite musicianship - I was blown away and I didn't want it to end! I'm a new fan - my brother and sister in law have been following you for a few years - now I'm on the list. This was my Christmas present from them - WOW!  Could I have asked for anything better?  Thank you for such a great show.” - Patty M


"Thank you for the amazing show tonight at the Regent!  We were sorry not to be able to go Friday night and so were so happy to hear tonight's great show and then your extraordinary encore! It is so great to have a concert that our kids love almost as much as we do!" - H Rappa


“Just a note to say the show was great last night.  We saw you guys about 2 years ago ( Mohegan Sun)...and I was excited to happen upon your show at the Regent online. We took a bit of a chance rounding up 18 friends and encouraging them to join us at the show last night...They all enjoyed the show and had a great time!” - Brad


“Last night was my first time. What a great experience.  I'm looking forward to the next booking.  Can’t wait.”


"SIMPLY AWESOME!!!! That is the only way to describe your performance in Windsor, Ontario. I was impressed with the quality of the show and the blessed performers on stage. What a huge amount of talent - sometimes better than the originals!!!! Hopefully Windsor treated you well. We would be happy to have you back anytime. Thanks for the wonderful memories!!!"
Diana F

"Just thought I would drop a note to say the show was awesome. Even though I'm from Michigan, I caught it at Caesars Windsor and thought you guys did a great job. Very entertaining. If you guys play Caesars again I will bring more friends. Thanks."
Tom C

"I wanted to tell you all that I was thrilled to see your live performance last night at Caesars Windsor! I hadn't heard of URO before last night's show, but I know I'll be spreading the word about your incredible concert. This was the music of the 70's generation, and great music it was! Your stage presence was awesome! The talented musicians, singers/dancers, the colorful light show and the high octane energy. Brilliant! Looking forward to your return!!" - S Haddad


"Thanks for a wonderful show. You appear to put a great deal of energy into your concert and I was very impressed. Being in a few bands myself in days long past, I can only imagine the difficulties in keeping such a large group cohesive. Thanks again Sal and Company. Please come back to Canada soon." - Al M


"You're so great, I had a fantastic time at your show. The only issue I have with your show is... I can't be a part of it... Anywho, your entire crew is phenomenal, I have no words... which is highly unusual! Thank you for bringing the classics back into the mainstream, it's about time!" - Linnea


"Saw your group at Casino Rama last night. Excellent group of musicians and singers. Song renditions stayed true to originals which was nice to see." - Phoenix


"Saw the show in Dallas. One of the greatest shows I have ever been to. Everyone in the band shows a commitment to excellence to their craft. Finally, a good rock show. Can't wait to catch the show in Boston some time." - Trevor


"Thank you Sal. I want you to know that there are people "out there" who truly appreciate what you do. Not just in a "Hey what a cool band" kind of way but in a "Wow, that is one of the most positive things I have seen in a long while" kind of way. I am a professional producer who has owned a touring theater company. I am also a performer so I understand the challenges you face as you keep your machine moving. I can't imagine how the business model works but please know that some of us "get it". Really. I will be there Sunday but wanted to wish you all the best on your opening night." - Dennis From Maine


“I saw your show last night in Cleveland and I thought it was absolutely amazing, I thoroughly enjoyed it and wish you much luck for all your future shows. Thanks for the wonderful entertainment you guys provided, each and every one of you has your own unique style.” - Joanne B


“I would like to thank you for a most amazing, wonderful musical experience - a truly stimulating force on so many levels. When I see people in the arts that have a vision removed from the norm and then actually achieve it, it only serves as an inspiration and motivation. But, it was not just the conception and crafting of the project - you had the drive and determination to physically bring this wonderful work of art to fruition. And for this, I thank you and all those gifted people you gathered.” - Dennis H. D


“I saw your Group at the Fryeburg Fair and you were spectacular. I will definitely have to see your show at the Mohegan Sun and bring some friends with me.” - Robert L


“We caught your show at the Fryeburg Fair last night and it was AWESOME! The live show just blew me away.  I'm hoping to catch your New Years show! Keep Rockin'!!!” - Denise B


“Glad I got to see you guys in concert at the Erie Playhouse on Friday!  You put on one hell of a show, probably the best I've ever seen!  Come back soon!” - Matt C


“I was completely blown away with your show. The energy and talent I saw Saturday has had me talking about it ever since. Long live URO!!!!!!!” - Terry Y


“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your show. I remember my parents going to shows and listening to the music they grew up on. That is how I felt, that's the music I grew up on. What a trip. Thanks for the great time.” - Susan B


“I saw your show last night - absolutely AMAZING! Pardon the French, but, F*****G AMAZING!” - O. H


“This event was really wonderful! The music was incredible! I would highly recommend this show to anyone. If you love Queen, The Who, and the Beatles, you'll love this show! Magnificent!!!” - Anne M


“Eight of us saw the show. We all truly enjoyed it. BIG, BIG sound! Strong melodies, fun time, just excellent. Dynamite show. Stadium sound in a theater. Very, very talented singers and musicians.” - Richard M


“I have to tell you that I have not recovered from this experience!! I told the five people that I had with me that I had a feeling this was going to be something special. This turned out to be an understatement of the highest order. We were ALL completely blown away by this performance!! The vocalists were absolutely phenomenal, and the entire show was pure joy to watch.”

“Awesome! We had just seen Queen the week before (with Paul Rodgers), and it was terrific. But when you did "Somebody to Love" and "Bohemian Rhapsody," we could not containourselves !!  Freddie Mercury is looking down at you and smiling a very large smile.  You truly rocked our world, and I wanted to thank you personally.”